My name is Samantha, and I’m sixteen years old. I’m tall and blonde and I wear a lot of black when the feeling strikes. I like to write and take photos, I spend lots of my time doing yoga or generally questioning things and people that don’t enjoy being questioned. I really like to read about space but I don’t like Stephen Hawkings essays about the universe I find them pointless, but I’ll keep reading them until they strike me as important which they haven’t thus far. English and physics are probably my most favourite subjects but I love to act. I really like to run but I find it hard in front of people which is why I run at 5 am quite a few mornings a week. I especially like nice clothes and lovely shoes and I tend to try and mash too many styles together but I suppose it works.


I bought these this summer in Edinburgh in a brilliant shop called W. Armstrong & Sons, it really is the most brilliant vintage shop, I have the most amazing pair of black flares from there too. If you ever head to Edinburgh just ask me for the directions, its a must-see





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