It appears to suddenly be quarter to eleven at night, which in itself poses the rather unpleasant issue of tomorrow inching ever closer. It also forces the insomniacs of the world to approach the treacherous ground which is the attempt to enter our own little dreamland which is sleep. As the faeries of the night tiptoe across the faces of those who fall away in these times of darkness, so many are forced to wait eternally for the few relieving moments of a place so sacred to every one of us.

It all seems so irrelevant to someone who is never eluded from the solace that sleep provides, but it can be a cold and lonely place, the night. I tend to find comfort in the loving arms of Noel Gallagher, as his dulcet tones soothe my to sleep I feel the world melt away and it is all alright again. I saw Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds live, it was phenomenal, I would strongly recommend seeing them if ever you have the chance.




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