The Midnight Run

I’m sorry for not updating on this sooner, but things have been hectic to say the least. I have my maths IGCSE tomorrow and after that I’m off to Hua Hin with my mum and sister for some good, quiet bonding time. Today and yesterday have been non-stop study days, sleepy, monotonous but rather productive I think, I suppose only tomorrow can tell. The 20th was my best friend’s birthday, we met at the dentist as we scheduled our appointments at the same time (sad but true) then went back to hers and then quickly off to MBK to meet another of our close friends Sasha. We bought ridiculous costumes (pink ‘spandex’ that was actually mens underwear and shirts that we later made into Batman capes), half a dozen doughnuts and excessive bubble tea which would end up being the worst idea in the whole world later that night, but it was certainly a fabulous one at the time.

We then went home and ate all the doughnuts plus a huge slab of lasagna each, resulting in us lying on the floor for about an hour, unable to move at all. But eventually we left for the run and when we got there, it was incredible. There were over five thousand people all just in two floor of the Amari Watergate hotel all with their race numbers pinned on, it gave you the greatest sense of being a part of something.



So the race began and we ran the 12k with many a cry of “GO BATGIRLS GO!”, but this was an unexpected surprise: the three girls in the Batman capes not only won Best Team costume, but came 4th in their age division! It was such a thrill, we couldn’t even believe it.


So thats my happy story for today. Love and light, always


2 thoughts on “The Midnight Run

  1. Thanks! I definitely need more running blogs to read regularly too. You do triathlons, thats amazing! I really want to do the half Ironman in WA and then the full one eventually. The pink shorts were great, so comfy! I’m dreading my maths, it should be fine, I’ll let you know how it goes x

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