Through A Computer Screen

As though trapped in a perverse nightmare,
He looks at me from three thousand miles.
All the sound in the world is condensed
Into the moment that I first see his face and it’s
Noise and it’s
NOise and it’s
NOIse and it’s
NOISe and it’s
Then silence as he begins to speak.

At that point, why would it matter
What I think or what I do.
Through a computer screen
Floods all the love in the world.

And for me, this is enough.

Simplicity is forever underrated,
In a world where complex has become
No more than a second nature.
We are simple, though I am
Complex, and he is complex,
We are simple and that to me
Is more than enough.

I wait for a silence, the silence, as
The clock ticks on, each moment
Dragging as I wait for someone
Whose existence is conditional
But whom I never question

And, of course, to no prevail.

Then I remember, that he is the sunlight
As I watch the sun rise and I bask
In him all day, in the times I spend alone.
(Though alone is no longer lonely
As he is never very far, he plays
On my face and he kisses my cheeks
And leaves marks that sometimes
People call freckles, though I’ll never
Know why, they’re love bites to me.)

The night is darkness
But he is the sunlight
When the sun is gone.

He is the sunlight.



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