Sleepless George

I just saw this photo again

and I remember it so well. I had to fix my hair and the photo was taken too early so I saw the flash go off against the side of my face and I knew it would be a ‘candid’ sort of photo. It just makes me so happy looking at it now.

I’ve had almost no time to run the past few days, I keep setting my alarms for around 5 am to try and get in a morning run, but I just exhaust myself with schoolwork, studying and other assorted commitments. I fell asleep in English today, which is something I haven’t done since about two years ago when I had influenza B and was hospitalized the day after. What does that tell you?

But my alarm is set for 5:20 and its currently 10:22 which gives me seven full hours which currently sounds divine. So I’m off, beautiful people, love and light always


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