I’m awfully sorry

I’ve been gone for so long! I won’t make excuses for myself, I’ve been terribly lazy, but my God so much has happened whilst I was gone.


I returned from Switzerland after a blissful week of snowboarding in the Alps with my best friends just this Sunday, and sadly have been home with the flu for the past four days (I hate being sick, really is horrific.) But here’s some photos of that for you





Verbier was really the loveliest place, truly beautiful no matter which way you looked. I met a phenomenal snowboard instructor called August who was only with us on the last morning that we spent on the mountain, but he taught me and my group so much. It was a day with terrible vision and we were on slopes that we had never tackled before, so god knows how much we all fell over time after time, but after a while August came and spoke to me and he said: “You cannot depend on only what you see, you must feel. Feel your ride, do not look.” From that point onwards I stopped squinting my eyes in a desperate attempt to see anything at all in the flurry of flakes that attacked my face and just felt the board move against the snow and all of a sudden, everything fell into place. That day I did my first ever black slope and it went perfectly because I felt what I was doing, not just watching it, and it was like an epiphany for me. That has been the problem with my life recently, I have been watching without seeing and living without feeling, and would thus fall over frustrated and angry because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Wow.

He gave Andy, Aufar and I (the three board朋友’ s) a big talk as well, about how even though he has his perfect job and he meets lots of ‘cool people’, he encounters many ‘assholes’ as well. This was too funny because we were all absolutely frozen, sitting in a gondola at about 3000 feet with snow burnt to our faces, listening to this man with a lotus-printed scarf talk in broken English about life, but he was so so right. He told us that you have to find ‘the cool people’ and just not listen to what ‘assholes’ have to say, because they never matter. It was crazy, but something he said really hit us. When it came time for him to leave, he came to me and said: “it’s time for me to go. If I do not see you again, please, have a nice life.” and I was close to tears. How could a man who I had known for about three hours touch me more in that brief time than people who I have known for years? I think that is the key thing that I learned on that trip – that you cannot base your relationships on time, for what does that mean? Not much, simply that you can endure. I learnt more from August than I have from most of my teachers in school and most of my peers, because he is the sort of person that I want to be. I want to be that calm constantly and give people that sort of confidence and belief in themselves and the world within seconds of them meeting me, because I think that the world needs love like that. 


On a lighter note, Christmas was really lovely, some really pretty photos came out of that as well


The whole festive season was really magical, we went off to Hong Kong again and to Disneyland (which is where the Mickey Mouse baubles came from!) which was just really really nice with my little sister and mum, plus some family friends. 


All these memories make me all fuzzy on the inside aw. 


Well thats the important bits, we’re all caught up!


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