Things I like

I like music that sounds like rain, music that no one else has heard yet and music that takes me to a different time. I like long words that don’t mean anything, little words that mean everything and words that aren’t real in english. I like girls in long skirts and sunglasses, I like kids sitting in miniature chairs and eating with miniature cutlery and I like boys in button down shirts with messy hair.

I like people with light eyes and dark hair. I like really very tall people and really very small people and I like people with strange accents. I like to take buses and listen to people talk, I like to lie in bed in the dark listening to music that somebody else picked for me and think about them, and I like to hold hands. I like rooms so cold that the windows fog up and it feels like you’re in a forest, I like people who reply very quickly to my texts and I like people who never reply to texts at all. I like it when people use the word ‘lovely’ to describe things that are really spectacular and I like people who don’t really describe things at all.

I like scratchy, original recordings of songs from the 60’s, I like recordings where you can hear people breathing and just being in the background and I like when people make a song very different from what you expect. I like people who don’t speak at all, so when they do you think “wow that wasn’t what I thought you’d sound like” even though it had never crossed your mind. I like boys with really low voices, I like people who don’t like to wear shoes. I like people that watch me move and think meaningful things, I like running and I like to be calm. I like waiting to see someone and I like it when they kiss you very quickly.


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