Day 1

National Poetry Writing Month — what a mouthful. But a truly lovely concept, so why not join in? The idea of pushing myself to actually write something that I am proud enough of to publish on this little blog sounds — although frightening — like a good challenge.

The breaks in thought

I speak to many people throughout the day.

And there is always one thing that they say:

That they are exhausted, fatigued, just tired.

Maybe what they need, is to be desired.


Someone to love them with their whole heart

To teach them meaning, turn their wounds to art.

Join the dots of their freckles across their face,

Draw hearts in pen for when they miss your embrace.


Make them believe that when they fall and hurt themselves,

that you will be there to fix them and when things fall apart

with no time for rhyme or reason tell them that, to you,

the continents are drawn on their palms and Mariana’s trench

is nothing but their life line because, to you, the world is held

in their interlocked fingers.

They are Atlas holding the globe

but you will be there to wrap your arms around their waist

and whisper into their jaw “yes baby you can” and to kiss their

forehead when no other affection could ever express all the love

you feel for them in that moment because they did what you thought

no one else could ever or would ever do.

Trace your finger up

their spine when they hold their head in their hands and remind

them that the impulses controlling their thoughts and actions are

a miracle and the electricity flowing through their nerves are a

privilege that so many are deprived of. When you show them the

world you open doors that you did not even know were still there

but they are!

When you spend your time fixing someone else

they fill in your cracks with their concrete and if you hold on tight

it will set and you both will be whole again, strong enough to resist

the pushes and pulls of life that will try to pull you apart. You and I

become we and eventually people will forget that you each had

individual names at one point, because inseparability fit you both

so very well.

And then you will not be tired but reborn with sanguine eyes,

believing in the spaces and knowing the inevitability of demise,

but having loved, having know the touch of heaven on your skin,

that is enough. Breathe deep and begin.


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