I had a dream that you were in, with your flowery eyes and leafy hair,

You spoke words of love and for a moment it all was there.

It was strange though, you had a notebook that I recognized from Doctor Who

That showed me anything that you thought I would have wanted it to.

Nothing special happened in my dream, but darling can’t you see,

I thought for a moment that you, too, were dreaming just of me. 


2 thoughts on “Dream

  1. I read this, and most of Your other posts as well, I enjoyed it, a lot. I find myself able to relate to this. I’m sixteen, I am male but I will not tell you who I am. For now, you can call me X

  2. Okay, I just realized, you might think i’m a pedophile. SO in 1 years time, I’ll tell u who I am and I will never ask you to meet me, ever. Just trust me.

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