This morning a very good friend of mine brought to my attention the lack of posts on this little blog, which simply will not do. I have many a draft of different poems and even some short stories for you all, but I am currently writing this from the midst of a practical hurricane, so perhaps a visual catch-up will suffice for now.

I recently met the loveliest Tibetan man who ran a small shop in Koh Chang selling replicas of traditional Tibetan jewelry and all sorts of things, which was terribly exciting.


I’ve just finished exams, so there was a LOT of studying being done. Although it was done intermittently between huge cups of coffee and enormous jugs of lemon water, it got done. The artwork is one of my best friends’ final art piece, I think it’s too excellent not to be shared!




Once exams were over, a few of us went to Katie’s dad’s Top of the Pops themed birthday party, which was the world biggest laugh. We were meant to be Robert Palmer’s girls (we didn’t know who he was either) but all in all it was a great time.


Then it was prom! Prom, although not the most awaited event on the social calendar, was a lot more fun than most had anticipated. There’s something about getting dressed up for no real reason at all that brings out the girl in everyone, including the majority of the boys present that seemed to put more effort in to their appearance than me and my best friend combined.


Then I was off to Phuket! This was a trip of firsts for me and a rather emotional one at that; it was the first time I had ever flown alone, the first time I had ever slept in a hotel room alone, perhaps the first time I had ever gone anywhere and not lost anything. I spent my time working in fitness which suited me down to the ground, although most time was spent playing cricket with my ‘colleagues’ in the locker room and explaining why protein shakes are not only a poor source of digestible protein but will eventually give you mass gains of fat rather than muscle.




Now I’m home, but this evening I fly back to the homeland to rejoin the rest of the family, which is great.

I end this post from my balcony, seated on a canary yellow yoga mat, looking out to the enormous golf course that I am lucky enough to have as my back garden as the sun sets and the stars come out and feeling very grateful for my gorgeous family and wonderful friends in this world that is rumoured to be so ruthless and cruel.


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