A short list of things to be overwhelmingly happy about

Spending afternoons in parks with your best friend


Little cafés that do delicious takeaway

Hair dye

Train journeys


Summertime berries and greenery

People who sit in coffee shops on their laptops

Sitting in a coffee shop with your laptop


Playing guitar


Tea with biscuits


The earth

Having an able and beautiful body

Beautiful scenery, even if it’s beautiful while you’re climbing a mountain and are in serious pain.



Comfy beds

Having a brain in your head and a heart in your shoes

Waking up in the morning


Record shops



A breath of fresh air

New friends

Old friends

A sunny day after a rainy one (or ten)



Listening to your grandfather shout at the television

The feeling of cool air whistling down your throat when your mind focuses on your breathe and you inhale deeply

Calvin and Hobbes

New running shoes that fit perfectly (Adidas Kanadia 5 Tr Si31’s!)



Andy Murray winning Wimbledon!

Having a picnic with my favourite man in the world, my dad.



I hope these things help you remember all the glorious things that you have in your beautiful life, remember that a picnic on a hill solves all problems including the hiccups which I learned today myself. Even the most positive person can lie in bed at night and fret over irrelevant things, I know I do, by each of us needs to remember that life exists outside of academic results and your salary, that we each have a unique life purpose and no amount of fretting over the past, future or even present will help us realize that.

Take care of the present moment, fear not of what is to come and never worry about the past as nothing is further away than 5 minutes ago as my dad always says to me, move forward with purpose and with love, with the knowledge that no matter how lonely you feel as you walk the path of your own heart, that not only are you doing what is right but that I care for and love you always.


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