After I checked, I knew I was right. You had moved from the place where

I had left you, you were no longer in the security of our home nor house.

A picture on a screen confirmed that you had shifted across the face of 

the planet, so now I cannot pinpoint where you are on a map, I could not

name the country that you are in, you are whalesong in the depths, I know

you exist but I could not say whereabouts. 


I wish I had written down the date that I last saw you, so that I could count 

the hours since your eyes had last met mine and I had last felt that chill, 

perhaps that woud make it more real for me, so my failing memory would 

no longer feel quite so inept and fantastical, something concrete in this

smoky, cloudy dream world would aid my mental state to no end. 


Knowing that even if you tried, your voice could never reach me from there

the way it usually does, the sounds of the past that had me convinced that

my future was you could never reach me from where you are. Sea waves

distort the sound and the ocean spray attacks the vibrations until all I hear

from you is the casual cruelty that you condone in the name of honesty and 

the only thing I see through the haze are those eyes but they don’t make 

sense anymore.


I won’t sleep tonight because you are awake, irrelevant of the tides that separate and all the miles that disappear when I think of your face, there is a tie that cannot, will not be cut, and I will not sleep.


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