Hello! I’ve got a lot to share and only limited wifi to get it all down in, so I’ll skip the lazy introductions and get straight to the fun stuff. I’m currently in London, sitting in the British Airways lounge awaiting my flight to Paris which is a very exiting state of being, watching the other flights board, ring out their final calls and then take off to some foreign city.

Before I left to London, I had to say au revoir to my best friend who is off to school in Wales, which was quite the tearful event but December is not far away and she’ll come home then so tears were short lived and replaced with plans for the sunny Christmas that we’ll have in Bangkok.

Also — I think I forgot to mention it in my last few posts — as you can see from the photo, my hair is now rather strongly “strawberry blonde” as a very very ginger family friend likes to say. I had it hennaed in Lush, my new obsession, which was a huge laugh.


Then we were off to London! This was taken in a Starbucks in Glasgow airport, and the cheeky note was off the top of a Jamie Oliver carrot cake, I found it too humorous not to document.


Once we had arrived and checked in to our hotel, a rather long wander took us to Hyde Park — an enormous and exponentially opulent park in Central London— and as weary legs began to fatigue we took a semi-permanent seat in Paul Rhodes and drank in the vibrant atmosphere of metropolitan London.

The next few days were not dissimilar to the first, many a tourists’ dream were fulfilled with many a bus trip around the city and many a photo taken next to many a statue, which was a lot of fun.





Sundays in Hyde Park are especially interesting as at Hyde Park Corner or ‘Speakers Corner’ people of all different walks of life come to voice their opinions, the only rules being that nothing bad may be said about the Queen, no one can beg for money and no one can incite a riot, so the assumption that it is quite the controversy would be correct. I stood and listened to the man below, a converted Christian who was born a Muslim, discussing the truth behind the Palestine and how Islam is no longer the correct religion for the world. My mind was blown, I had never thought nor heard such things before he suggested them, that the Palestinian government do not want freedom at all but simply project that image to sedate their people and all of this was coming from a man who had spent much time in Gaza.

Next to them was a Christian missionary preaching love for thine’s own enemy with a man shouting back at him “there is no God” on a loop similar to a broken record and when the missionary eventually responded to him saying “that is your religion”, a woman behind me called out “no, that is his truth.” Such blatant displays of such narrow minds came as a surprise to me, I assumed that people coming to visit a place where people were asked to voice their truths would be people willing to listen, rather than shout and be disrespectful.

The whole situation reminded me of the song below, give it a listen here

Irrelevant, I would definitely recommend a Sunday morning trip to Speakers Corner to anyone in or visiting London.



I hope everyone is having a lovely summer holidays or winter school term depending on where you are, as the boarding call for my flight to Paris just came over the speakers. I wish you safety wherever you are in the world and some of the gorgeous British weather we’ve been having!


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