For the bad days

I sometimes forget to remind myself that this is but a moment

And already it is gone. Perhaps too profound a notion to cling to

when the skies cloud and the sprawling bruises begin to surface

from beneath pale skin but when you feel the blood vessels breaking

under the impact of words spoken in anger or in haste, find the strength 

to remind yourself, this is but a moment, and it is already gone. You 

will encounter those who bleed aggression but you did not cause

their wounds so remind yourself that there is no reason for you to

feel guilty for the pain that they must endure as their ancestors plasma

seeps from scrapes and grazes, but instead, reach for a needle and thread. 

Stitch them up with deft fingers and cauterize the tender wounds with love

that they will surely need, do not fail to remember that they too are human

beings and can always use a gentle touch. When the darkness comes for 

you and you feel as if you are the only one, know that the sun and the moon

are always there if you can only step outside and turn your eyes to the sky,

I promise you that sunbeams will only ever hit you with kisses and that 

moonlight will only ever call you beautiful as it sweeps across your jaw,

I promise that it will not hurt. For a moment, look away from the scars 

and think once more with sanguine eyes, remember how it feels, but

know that you have a choice. No one holds you by strings and no one holds

you by the back of your collar, no fish wire nooses are around your neck, sometimes

surrender is not waving a white flag but it simply saying no until you

believe it yourself, no, no, no, as you step back into isolation knowing that

you would rather be there with morals that are entirely yours than surrounded

by a crowd of people that you do not like, feeling twice as lonely than you would

if you were alone and in the dark. Never are you trapped by what has 

already happened as it is already over and will never happen again,

if someone hurt you, then you know that fear and humiliation take years

to fade so build yourself as the person who never would, pride yourself

as you whisper back at them after years of healing “I never would.” Be kind

to everyone you meet, as we are all fighting hard battles, but my love do not

forget this; be kind to yourself. If you have legs you are an athlete, if you

have a throat you are a singer, if you have hands you can write or you can 

paint, if you have fingers you can touch and if you have a face you are beautiful,

do not forget this. You will wander through woods that are lit with staring eyes

and fear that radiates stronger than your memory of the sunlight, but even

in the cold, black darkness you are beautiful. The sun will come through

soon and in the days after this, when you lie back on grass that is a hundred

shades of green and feel wildflowers between the fingers that lasted

through the battle, all will be well,

and still, you will be beautiful.


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