A post about ‘love’

There is something really and truly wrong with the world now and I can’t believe that it only just hit me.

I googled “cow pig chicken” and then clicked on images, because I wanted to recreate a shirt I saw on a vegan blog that I couldn’t find on any online shops, and I was affronted by a selection of contorted smiles pasted on to pastel animal bodies that looked like something I would see in Microsoft Word’s clip art folder as a child. No image of a living being was present on this page, nothing implying to the mass slaughter that takes place each and every day of these beautiful creatures.

Last night I came across this image (please click on it to see the whole gif, it is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time)


and do you know what the caption of it was? “i love piggies. they’re adorable………but i’m still gonna eat the fuck outta some bacon. to each his own” 

After a very extended five minutes, I was still in shock, I’m not going to deny it. You can see a living, breathing, sentient being on your computer screen and the first association that your twisted, brain-washed mind makes is the fact that that creature can be slaughtered and processed into a ‘consumable’ product that provides you with absolutely zero nutritional value, which you will go on to eat merely out of gluttony and insecurity so well masked that it comes across as superiority?

To each his own is relevant when you have a like or a dislike, not when you are belittling the practical genocide of entire species to nothing more than your own selfish desires for a sensation on your taste buds. Someone choosing a car or a phone is a “personal choice” but when was the last time you heard someone refer to rape as a “personal choice” or a news report following a mass shooting being closed with the phrase “to each his own”, the correct answer being ‘never’ because none of those things will ever be a personal choice. Actions stop being personal choices when they infringe on the rights of another sentient being and promote their oppression, with none of that phrase being selective only to humans, but including all animals whether human or not.

Please do not tell me that you love animals but you also love your meat because you cannot have both. Let me repeat that you cannot have both. You do not kill the things you love, you do not abuse the things you love, you do not rape the things you love, you do not keep the things you love in cages too small for their hearts that were and still could be so big. If you love your pet and you love your meat, that is something very different, that is speciesism and it makes you an asshole with an enormous blind spot which this world does not need in their ranks. If you cringe at the sight of a dead squirrel or get angry at the sight of a group of dogs in tiny cages on the news but eat the meat of a cow, it does not make you an animal lover it makes you a selective, ignorant fool. If you claim to love all humans with the exception of black people, or white people, or asian people, it does not make you a human-lover it makes you a selective, ignorant, arrogant, fool. 

The following is an extract from here: “Humans are in a privileged position of power over other animals. Nobody has a choice about being born into a certain privilege, but anyone who is has the power to oppress or exploit others. Every man has the power to exert physical force over a woman, every adult has the power to exert physical force over a child, just as every human has the power to exert physical force (one way or another) over other animals.”

Have you ever heard anything more true? Men who abuse are looked down upon, parents who abuse are looked down upon, bullies in schoolyards are looked down upon, people who control child soldiers are looked down upon, corrupted governments are looked down upon, but people who condone and take part in mass slaughter, abuse and violence are considered the norm?  The phrase “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” comes to mind. I hope I am wrong when I make the assumption that if you are willing to murder animals because you can, that you will be willing to beat your child or wife or partner just because you can. This willingness to abuse, rape, violate and kill non-human animals was ingrained in us before most of us could even speak, very few people have ever made the conscious choice to do so, but now that these truths have been put forward to you, you can no longer claim the innocent, the unknowing, the ignorant so please now choose to make a change.


Furthermore I cannot abide people who petition against slavery, human trafficking, LGBT rights, women’s rights or any other crime against humanity without being aware of the plight of the animals in our society. I am in no way diminishing the people oppressed by any of these awful practices but instead empowering both the animals and the people who speak for them as they cannot do it themselves. For me consent is the issue, for all of these issues, and it will always be the issue. No person is to be held in a position that they do not consent to whether it be as a sex worker, as a slave or soldier, with these issues being the problem that most people seem to bring light to, but what about the other billions of sentient beings that do not consent? How can you call yourself a feminist when you condone the rape and abuse of mother cows, how can you be pro-life when baby chickens are ground up alive because they are of no use to the egg industry, how can you want to end slavery when you ingest the very meaning of the word on a daily basis, how can you say that murder, or the death penalty, is a crime in God’s name when the innocent throat of your next meal is being slit in front of it’s family right this second, tell me! Because I do not understand. 

I hope this brings some light to you, if you even consider making a move away from this sick practice because of this post, please let me know and I would be delighted to help you on your way.

Love always


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