Happy New Year!

I know that when I share things, especially through a public medium, I tend to be more accountable. Knowing this, here are my resolutions for the coming year:

  1. To actively reach for self-acceptance and love
  2. To not consume any animal product or byproduct for the whole year
  3. To begin running again and build up the strength of my injured knee
  4. To maintain a committed daily yoga practice
  5. To really strive for happiness and an abundance of love in my life and release fear, anger and resentment
  6. I want to post more frequently on here and not go on my impromptu hiatuses that have become so recurrent and work on my organization and time management as a whole.
  7. I would really like to start up a yoga/vegan YouTube channel, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I think now I may be in the right place to do it, so watch out for that!

I truly hope that each of you had a wonderful beginning to the new year, I was lucky enough to be able to spend it with both of my very best friends which was amazing, having all the people I love the most to bring in the New Year with me was just the most lovely start to what I know is going to be the most delightful chapter of my life yet.

I have a good feeling about this year and I hope you all do too, so all my love and light goes out to each of you always.


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