Leaving has never been a work of elegance,

I am yet to meet a person who can walk away with

Dignity, not when leaving loved ones, as no matter

How much greener the grasses are on the new land

That you step towards, a part of your heart is left behind. 

I am no exception. 

Tears in eyes, lump in throat, too much peanut butter 

and not enough time to wash it down, “I’ll see you soon!” I say and “come back whenever 

You can is the response, the choked words writhing with

All the words left unsaid in the brief time we had,

All the sunny days left to be had in the warm Autumn

That I now put behind me, take me to a picnic on a

Rugby pitch, not to the skies, I am a person not

A bird, I cannot fly away from you again. 

At home, you can’t drive me and neither can he but 

I want to be back at a midnight drive-through 

In my best dress, you wore suits and pieces of

My heart remain there with you, children playing

Grown-up right until the moment that we realized 

That we are just teenage nightmares in a dream world,

Perfect grades dance as tiny diamonds on a velvet 

Black sky of ambitions but we keep our eyes on 

The road, or at least I do as the window fogs and

We panic, panic, panic, it is 11:59 with a midnight curfew,

Am I discussing the car or this life?

I look out a window over the desert of these past

Few days, you are there and I am not, but you have

My heart and in the pieces scattered across beaches

And fields, I know, I’ll see you soon. 


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