1868 kilometres isn’t far when I think about the
9565 kilometres that usually reside between myself
And my home land or the 5313 worth of ocean
That separates me from my best friend, but let me
Say without doubt nor agenda that every single
Metre that makes up the distance between you and I
May as well be the moon, or an asteroid belt because
Each molecule of space feels closer to me than you.

You glimmer in the distance, soon, soon you say,
I repeat it back like a child learning its first words
I say “soon” and I grasp the concept but remain
Unsatisfied why would I want a word that promises
What I want eventually but keeps me waiting, always
Waiting, I don’t want you soon I want you now.
Patience is a virtue but there are so many others
That I would rather have to share with you so I don’t
Even mind lacking in this one, if I get to show you
Kindness, bravery, love? — I’ll make up to you my lack
Of patience if you release me from this prison cell
Of “soon”.


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