Give me a dirt path to follow,

I am so out of place on concrete

roads, I have always known that

human chemicals were not the

kind that I was ever interested in,

give me adrenaline. Make me walk

for days through snow and blinding

sunlight – I do not have to see to

know where I am going, the freckles

on the backs of my eyelids are

enough for me, different colours speak

the minds of those who follow in my

steps and that is enough, I do not

always need words to speak. I learned

yesterday that my back can tell stories,

that as I bend forward, someone else

will bend back and the curvature of

their spine speaks music in my head

and trust is the only lyric, I sing the

single word with all the notes that the

Himalayan sunshine could play and

with every different tone that red hair

and snow could teach, a song that

brings tears to my eyes and nostalgia

to my heart, I miss the home that I so



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