Where your heart is

Face in neck, lips to shoulder,
I comprehend through nothing
but sound and the movements
of my favourite arms, felt through
fingertips hypersensitive to the
electric pulses in the muscles
below, fear is diffused into the
tendons and you seem able to
endlessly absorb, to understand
and to explain, I know my own
emotions better when they are
experienced through you.

Home is where the heart is, home
is almost always forty kilometres
away, I form constellations from the
stars on your cheeks so that I can
remember them better in the days
we spend apart and I wish that I
could gaze out at this new universe
forever but summer is here and the
nights are short — I so hope that
winter is coming.

I wanted a word to describe the
sensation of stumbling into someone
who was a fragment of a past that I
so loved but the only one that came
to me was “funny” and neither of
us was satisfied with such mediocrity
so you left me to think and the
word that came to me was serendipity.

an unexpected, yet fortunate, occurrence
and let me tell you my love that you were
unexpected, yet fortunate, face-first into
arms twice as big as I remember and a
chest much higher off the ground than I
could recall, but banter just as awkward
and eyes just as quietly expressive as the
last time I had seen them, fast-forward a
year and I know you better than your mother,
I laugh as we reminisce because the whole
thing is awfully funny. You knew me when
I was weird looking and you still thought I
was cute, I suppose the same logic applies
to puppies when their feet are too big for
their bodies, but I grew into the hands that
you hold, fingers still just as long but
I hardly notice when they’re entwined
with yours, you make this body beautiful
just with your touch.

I know that no matter what, in a year
from now you’ll be exactly the radius of
the earth away from me, but I rest with the
knowledge that you walked into my life once,


I have faith in the third, and it’s third time


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