You know, I am watching the sun rising.


The grey of my windowpanes turn murky

before being engulfed in the sort of

flames that nature seems to enjoy, you

are flames in the morning sky and

you are murmurs at night.


You are every ocean that separates

and every raindrop when it’s stormy,

you are every fragment of the glass

tether to which I cling and every

word that I write on pale arms. Hot

tea and cold coffee and snowflakes

and hairbands on wrists, you are

everything I like because you forget

that I love everything, do not forget

this, that when the stars are the only

things we can share, that they are me.

You can be hurricanes and sea breezes

but I’ll light the nights when you

can’t sleep, the moon in the sky,

I might disappear sometimes but know

that I am all too caught in your

gravity, I’ll never be gone for long.


You know, the sun has risen now, and

I watched it all night because I can’t

sleep without you.


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